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St. Luke Czech Shrine Loma
St. Luke
Czech Shrine

Vítáme vás

Mass Schedule

The next Mass at St. Luke's is scheduled for June 9, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

The Rosary will be prayed in Czech before the Mass.  The Mass is in English, but the hymns are in Czech, led by the Ostry Family Singers.

Our Location

St. Luke Cemetery

For information regarding St. Luke's cemetery in Loma, please contact Jerome at 402-545-2263.

About Us

St. Luke's Church in Loma was built in 1912.  For its first three years, St. Luke's was a mission parish to Brainard, Touhy, and Dwight.  From 1915-1970 the parish had a full time resident pastor.  Two men from this parish were ordained to the priesthood: Fr. Edmund Navratil in 1952 and Fr. Myron Pleskac in 1960.  In 1992 the church building was closed and the parish ceased to exist.  However, that same year, the church reopened as a shrine dedicated to the Czech Catholic immigrants who settled in Butler and Saunders Counties.  Msgr. Myron Pleskac, a native son, was named administrator of the shrine.  The church was renovated, thanks in large part to support from Universal Studios, who had used the church building as a communications center during the filming of a movie in Loma in 1994. 

Resident Pastors

Fr. Michael Pazourek 1925-1930

Fr. Joseph Bauer 1930-1932

Fr. Michael Pazourek 1932-1937

Fr. Otto Ekhaml 1937-1938

Fr. Arthur Houbsch 1938-1939

Fr. Edward Kolar 1939

Fr. Frank Leiblinger 1939-1959

Fr. Stanley Siegienski 1959-1965

Fr. John Kozlik 1965-1970

Shrine Directors

Msgr. Myron Pleskac 1992-2015

Fr. Matthew Eickhoff 2015-2016

Fr. Steven Snitily 2016-present

A picture of St. Luke's soon after

construction was completed in 1912.


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